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January 23, 2017

This is an edited excerpt from the book "The Responsible Investor Handbook: Mobilizing Workers' Capital for a Sustainable World" by Thomas Croft and Annie Malhotra, published by Greenleaf Publishing.

As the sun rose on March 9, 2015, a preposterous-looking solar-powered...

January 6, 2017

Happy New Year from Heartland Headquarters! Thank you for your thoughtful commitments of time, energy and financial support in our common cause to invest responsibly in the real economy. Through your support, we are breaking through in our long-term quest to mainstream...

In his book, Finance and the Good Society, Nobel Prize winner Professor Robert Shiller says at its broadest level, finance is the science of goal architecture – of the structuring of the economic arrangements necessary to achieve a set of goals and of the stewardship o...

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