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How investors can mobilize against climate chanvge

Had the U.S. presidential election gone a different route, the first 100 days of the new administration likely would have included a conference to design a World War II-scale mobilization to confront climate change. Instead, the national climate change conversation centers on whether the United States will pull out of the Paris Agreement and whether we have missed the window to keep the planet’s warming below 2 degrees Celsius. While elections have consequences, this does not have to be one of them. Long-term investors at home and abroad are sitting on trillions of assets under management. Trillions more are sitting in negative or zero-coupon securities. Instead of resolving to play defense,

The Great Los Angeles Revolt Against Cars

­ StartFragmentL.A. voters have chosen to tax themselves to build a citywide rail system. Can rail also resurrect the city’s long-vanished middle class? EndFragment On May 20, 2016, residents of downtown Los Angeles boarded a passenger rail car and traveled 15 miles west to the water's edge-something no Angeleno had been able to do since the early 1950s. The new Expo Line extension, colored aqua because of its connection to the ocean, prompted memories of the old Pacific Electric streetcar, which traveled practically the same route before the line was shut down in 1953. "My grandparents talked about going to the beach on dates from Mid-City," says Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. "I wanted t

Dutch Trains Are World's First to Run on 100% Wind Power

The Netherlands, aka Windmill Country, is now operating 100 percent of its electric trains with wind energy. As of Jan. 1, 600,000 daily train passengers have been traveling completely carbon neutral, according to an announcement from the Netherlands' principal passenger railway operator, NS. Dutch electric trains are running on 1.2 billion kilowatt-hours of wind energy supplied by sustainable energy supplier, Eneco. As Brightvibes noted, a "decreasing and relatively small number" of Dutch trains are still running on diesel. NS and Eneco first announced their plan of a wind-powered railway in 2015 in order to drastically slash train ride emissions. Their original goal was to transition the t

KPS Capital Partners Portfolio Company Chassis Brakes International Completes Successful Recapitaliz

NEW YORK, July 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- KPS Capital Partners, LP ("KPS") announced today that its portfolio company Chassis Brakes International Group ("Chassis Brakes International" or the "Company") has completed its second successful recapitalization. The proceeds of the recapitalization will be used to fund a cash distribution to stockholders, refinance the Company's capital structure, purchase Robert Bosch GmbH's ("Bosch") financial interests in the Company, and provide resources for investments in technology and growth. KPS created Chassis Brakes International in May 2012 to acquire the global automotive foundation brakes business of Bosch in connection with a highly complex global co

$43M DC Affordable Community to Open Next Spring

Portner Flats will bring 96 affordable units to the popular U Street Corridor in Northwest, D.C. The project is a public-private partnership between the District, Somerset Development, Jonathan Rose Cos., New Community Partners and other entities. The AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust is providing $24 million of the total $43.3 million development investment necessary to build Portner Flats, a 96-unit affordable housing project currently underway in Washington, D.C. The team includes Somerset Development, the Jonathan Rose Cos. and New Community Partners. Eric Colbert & Associates is the project architect. Clark Foundations and Clark Concrete perform support of excavation and cast-in-place co

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