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Join Us in Pittsburgh October 17 - 1st Stop in the Heartland Tour to Rebuild Manufacturing Cities

Tom Croft to Open the Century Foundation Pittsburgh Summit as part of the Heartland Tour! Heartland and SVA Director Tom Croft will open Manufacturing a Better Paying Pennsylvania, a half-day summit in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, October 17, that will bring together local and national leaders committed to renewing manufacturing, reinvesting in manufacturing cities and spurring economic development in the Keystone State. The Summit will commence at 8:30 a.m. at the Steelworkers headquarters (60 Boulevard of the Allies, downtown Pittsburgh). This event is part of the "High-Wage America Project," a policy and research program led by The Century Foundation's Bernard L. Schwartz Rediscovering Governme

Adam Blumenthal, Founder & Managing Partner, Blue Wolf Capital Partners

In September 2017, Adam Blumenthal, a member of the Yale SOM Class of 1989 and the founder and managing partner of the private equity firm Blue Wolf Capital Partners, received the 2017 Civic Champion Award from City Limits, a New York City-focused nonprofit investigative journalism news agency. The award recognized his work making investments that preserve union workplaces and promote economic development. We talked to Blumenthal about a career creating value for a range of stakeholders. What is value? Can it be found in the pluses and minuses on a balance sheet? Or does it require a broader measure? Adam Blumenthal has asked this question throughout a career that has led him from work as a

Women Can Build

The Women Can Build project uplifts women’s leadership and contributions to the transportation industry and highlights the hardworking women who build America’s buses, trains, roads, and bridges. Evoking the spirit of Rosie the Riveter in a modern context, the project aims to bring to the forefront women who CAN build — America’s transportation systems and anything they set their minds to — with hard work, determination, strength, and commitment.

Tom & Ted Talk More Than Money

StartFragmentIn this episode, listeners are introduced to Ted Chandler, Chief Operating Officer of the AFL-CIO's Housing Investment Trust who explains the transformative power of putting labor's assets to work... in more ways than one. Ted shares insights into a new one. Ted shares insights into a new project that the HIT calls Midwest At Work, an over $1 billion project to help revitalize some of the Midwest's most challenged communities. The conversation continues with Tom Croft, co-author of a recently-released book entitled The Responsible Investor Handbook. Tom shares with our listeners the long, rich history of strategic investments from labor. Click the photo above to hear the podca

Why Millennials Should Lead the Next Labor Movement

I grew up in a household that neatly displayed its affiliations in the bathroom magazine rack. There were copies of Ebony, Essence and Jet that my dad brought home from work so that we could be in touch with our blackness in magazine form, and the union newsletters that explained why his job was worth having. He worked on the assembly line at a car plant in southern Wisconsin, work that regularly sent him to the hospital for surgeries to drain extra fluid from his knees. But those procedures were covered by union-negotiated medical insurance, and the time he had to miss work for them was handled by union-negotiated contractual provisions. Each time he healed, he could go right back to the jo

Pope Francis' Union Message

Pope Francis delivered an address to the Confederation of Trade Unions in Italy (CISL), and his message is a compelling one. It can be read in its entirety here. For me, there were at least four important points. Pope Francis greets workers as he arrives at the ILVA steel plant during his May 27 pastoral visit in Genoa, Italy. (CNS photo/Giorgio Perottino, Reuters) 1. We should not think about labor without understanding, and having due regard for, the human being that labors. Here, Francis is expressing three interconnected ideas. The first is one of the central organizing principles of the labor movement: labor is not a commodity, and when it is treated as a commodity, enormous social

Labor's Bill of Rights

These are dark times for labor. The Republican majority that now controls all levels of the federal government has made it clear that they plan on rolling back labor and employment protections, while also not funding and enforcing the currently existing laws. Judicial conservatives have regained their fifth vote on the Supreme Court and a new case challenging the constitutionality of public sector fair share agreements is at the Court’s footsteps. House conservatives have introduced a national right-to-work amendment to the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 (NLRA), and other restrictions on union activity are likely to be moved in the House. All of this will come at a time when the power

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