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Fighting for a High-Wage America

Politicians talk endlessly about jobs, but few seem to understand what UE members know from our own workplaces: good jobs do not come from the generosity of bosses, but from the hard work and creativity of working people, organized into strong unions and backed up by good public policy. The progressive, nonpartisan think tank The Century Foundation aims to change the national conversation about jobs, especially in manufacturing, with their new “High-Wage America Project.” Launched in June, the project starts from another lesson that UE members have learned from hard experience, that corporate and political elites in the U.S. have made deliberate choices since the 1970s to turn our nation int

Conference kicks off initiative to revitalize manufacturing workforce

A conference in Pittsburgh urged policies and strategies that will boost the country’s workforce. “Manufacturing a Better Paying Pennsylvania,” held Tuesday at United Steelworkers International’s headquarters, drew union leaders, progressive think-tank analysts, politicians and others to launch a national initiative to create high-paying manufacturing jobs and transform the regional and national economy. “We can do better, and this conference will kick off a sustained effort,” said Mark Zuckerman, president of The Century Foundation. A lot of the discussion focused on what could be done to help communities left behind catch up, including using fiscal stimulus to jumpstart the economy and emp

Business, labor, political leaders talk manufacturing

PITTSBURGH – A summit to discuss ways of bringing high-paying manufacturing jobs to the region included leaders from across sectors to focus on helping blue-collar workers in the region Tuesday. During the summit held at United Steelworkers headquarters in Pittsburgh, city and state public officials, labor and small business leaders, and economic and workforce development experts shared success stories and re-committed to raising wages and spurring economic growth in the Rust Belt and beyond. The need for greater public-private-nonprofit partnerships was a recurring theme throughout the event, with speakers repeatedly emphasizing the need to translate recent advances in technology and innova

Corporate Citizenship award winner: United Steelworkers

When United Steelworkers International President Leo Gerard asked a room full of the organization’s local members how many volunteered in their communities, every hand in the room went up. The moment demonstrated the value that USW places on philanthropy, volunteering and, most importantly, community. For one nonprofit, Variety - The Children’s Charity, the support it’s received from the USW has been invaluable. “USW brings a small, not very well-known charity great connectivity. … It’s not just about steel,” said Charles LaValle, chief executive officer of Variety. Variety offers children with disabilities unique programs, experiences and equipment throughout 54 counties in Pennsylvania and

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