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Who Rules the Investment World? Women & Millennials!

Investing has long carried a stigma of something old men in cigar-filled rooms or white shirts on Wall Street pondering how to carve up the world. Thankfully a shift has started to occur. It is estimated that by 2030, nearly 2/3 of the nation's wealth will be controlled by women (as of 2017, that number was already at 60%). With 95% of women being financial decision makers and nearly half being the primary breadwinners at home, you've come a long way baby! This week women marched in cities and towns across the U.S. to keep that shift moving in the right direction. Women gathered to lift up, encourage, and support one another to, among other things, run for office, take a stand against discri

Millennials Like Socially Conscious Companies, But Don't Invest In Them

A new survey from Swell Investing, a firm that focuses on socially and environmentally responsible investing, found that while most Millennial investors (78%) seriously consider a company’s impact on the earth and its people and shop accordingly, only 24% have actually taken actions to invest their money where their morals are. Swell's CEO Dave Fanger says the majority of Swell's clients are between 25 and 44. "These are people who have grown up with immediate access to information. With a swipe on their smartphone they can find out a company's policies around its workforce and the environment. This has inspired a need to know more but also to do more. We’re big believers that people do the

Women Leaders in Sustainable Finance

Women leaders in sustainable finance are using their industry experience to incorporate two trends into their roles as investment advisors, asset managers, research analysts and financial services executives. One is the exponential growth in the use of non-financial data to drive investment performance and risk management. The second is educating the financial advisor community in the use of this data to create environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment impact on behalf of investors. The CEO of Arabesque, a global asset management firm using self-learning quant models said recently in Barron’s that 90 percent of the world’s data is only a couple of years old and perhaps 10 percent

ESG funds boosted by women and millennial investors

Women and millennials are responsible for the doubling of ESG assets to $8.1 trillion worldwide since 2014 — and you can expect that trend to continue. The obvious reason: They have more money, said Jordan Farris, head of ETF product development at Nuveen Investments, speaking at an InvestmentNews Innovators in Investing event in New York City. "Women now control up to 50% of the wealth in the country, and millennials will be the recipients of that wealth in coming decades," he said. Not only do they have more money, they have more interest in ESG, which stands for environmental, social and governance investment guidelines. According to Mr. Farris, 90% of millennials are interested in ESG s

Fellowship 2018 - Accepting Applications

Last summer we launched the Labor Capital Strategies internship and it ended up working out well, so we’re doing it again! The internship program is jointly run by the Kalmanovitz Initiative at Georgetown University and Heartland Capital Strategies. We are actively recruiting students (UG, Grad, Law) for Summer 2018. Below is our announcement for the Fellowship that can be shared: It’s an 8 week paid internship ($5,000 for the summer to cover cost of living in DC or NYC) for students to gain hands on experience working with the capital strategy teams within unions or with funds that manage union money. The work would range from investing the money that unions have received from their member

On to Cleveland!

Senator Sherrod Brown will be the keynote speaker at a Summit in Cleveland on March 12, 2018, the next city stop on a momentous road show across the Heartland. Supported by the Bernard L. Schwartz Rediscovering Government Initiative of The Century Foundation, a progressive, nonpartisan think tank, the convening is part of a High Wage America campaign focused on best practices around jobs and investments to transform the regional economy, help rebuild industrial hometowns and create higher paying, productive economy jobs. Organized in close collaboration with the AFL-CIO and Cleveland based PolicyMattersOhio, it is the third event of the “High Wage America” campaign. The convening is co-spo

Keith Mestrich, Amalagamated Bank, Presenting Next Heartland Webinar

The next Heartland webinar will be offered on Friday, February 16, 2018. We are thrilled to announce that Keith Mestrich, President and CEO for Amalgamated Bank, has agreed to be a presenter for “Responsible Investing & The Labor Movement: A Love Story.” The session will discuss the history of responsible investing in the United States with labor at its forefront. Labor’s investors have been the fiercest proponents for the “S” in the ESG framework by fighting for worker representation, good wages, and employee health and safety. Mr. Mestrich is a 25-year veteran of the labor movement with the SEIU, Workers United, UNITE and the AFL-CIO before landing at Amalgamated. He serves on several boa

Pensions & Investments Recognizes the AFL-CIO HIT as a Best Place to Work in Management

Pensions & Investments, a leading financial media outlet, recognized the AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust (HIT) as one of the Best Places to Work in Management, highlighting the AFL-CIO HIT’s success at building and retaining a diverse workplace. This is the first time that the HIT is being recognized in the Pensions & Investments Best Places to Work program, securing a spot among midsize employers. “Human capital is the most critical capital in the financial services sector,” said Steve Coyle, CEO at the HIT. “Being mindful of our employees and the diversity of our workplace have been at the center of our success from the outset.” In an article on featured companies in its latest issue,

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