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Vice President Joe Biden & Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Headline Century Foundation Summit in DC f

In January 2017, SVA's Heartland Network co-launched an economic policy and research collaboration with the Century Foundation that resulted in a series of "Heartland Road Shows" focused on how to revitalize communities in the industrial Midwest. This collaboration resulted in a national convening, co-sponsored by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) on the "Lessons Learned from the Heartland" on Thursday, September 13, in Washington, DC. Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) were the keynote speakers at the wrap-up summit sponsored by the foundation and the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), and co-sponsored by our Heartland Network. Biden and Gillibrand - both o

Trump overlooks many solutions to US manufacturing issues

Donald Trump rose to power in part by pledging to rewrite unpopular trade deals that have shipped jobs overseas and hurt American workers, particularly in the Midwest, for years. As president, he has continued to focus on renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and imposing new tariffs on foreign goods, taking credit for the recent growth in manufacturing jobs nationwide. But the truth is that the nascent economic recovery in the heartland is in spite of Trump’s policies, not because of them. By framing trade deals as the principal source of America’s industrial decline — and thus the key ingredient for its renewal — Trump has diverted attention away from the other disa

How to convince the ESG sceptics

Convincing colleagues at the Illinois State Treasury of the importance of integrating ESG into investment strategy was a three-year journey, Deputy State Treasurer and CIO Rodrigo Garcia told delegates at the PRI in Person conference in San Francisco. “I knew a number of factors were hitting our bottom line but there was scepticism out there in terms of integrating these factors. Many folks asked: ‘Why are we integrating this liberal social agenda?’ ” Garcia said in a panel session addressing the enduring scepticism about responsible investment. Change came when colleagues understood the financial risk to the portfolio that climate factors posed. They connected to factors that could affect t

Gore Calls on Institutional Investors to Adopt ESG Focus

Former US Vice President Al Gore spoke to the choir Wednesday, receiving loud applause as he told the Principles of Responsible Investing annual conference that investing to combat climate change is part of their fiduciary role. Gore, speaking to institutional investors at the PRI conference in San Francisco, did not cite any specific economic papers but said that it was now clear from economic research and real-time performance that integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into investing is in line with fiduciary duty and best practices. “The idea that the environment and the economy are in conflict is false,” Gore said. “Decarbonizing goes hand-in-hand with improved

Join Us in DC with VP Biden and Sen Gillibrand

Heartland Capital Strategies (HCS) is thrilled to join with The Century Foundation's Rediscovering Government Initiative (TCF) and the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) in a phenomenal capstone summit: Building a High Wage America: Lessons from the Heartland What we learned in our tour of manufacturing cities across Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois Featuring Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 9:30 A.M. EST The United State Navy Memorial Naval Heritage Center, Burke Theatre Washington, DC REGISTER TODAY Use Code TCFVIP Additional confirmed speakers include: Eileen Appelbaum, Co-Director, Center for Economic and Policy Research @EileenAppelbaum Josh Biv

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