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When considering ESG investing, retirement plan sponsors are still concerned about performance and transparency, and some are confused by the latest DOL guidance.

The U.S. Sustainable Investment Forum (U.S. SIF) recently published the “Report on U.S. Sustainable, Respon...


Fiduciary duty is embedded in common law and that provides a framework for how trustees govern pension assets. In the forthcoming Responsible Investor Handbook, distributed by Greenleaf Publishing, we report that, outside the U.S., modernized laws drive the considerat...


U.S. Department of Labor ‘Guidance’ and Materiality

In October 2015, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) issued a hugely important ‘guidance’ concerning ESG and fiduciary duty, with the slightly confusing title,  “Interpretive Bulletin Relating to the Fiduciary Standard...

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