The Responsible Investor Handbook

For decades, workers' capital stewards have invested wisely to provide a secure retirement for millions of people around the world. This money - our money - represents an enormous share of economic and capital market wealth. The 2008 financial crisis seriously threatened these trusted assets and drained away prosperity. In response, a growing number of investors moved toward responsible investment policies and strategies.

But what constitutes a responsible investment and how can it be undertaken in practice? The Responsible Investor Handbook is dedicated to aligning the long-term investment priorities of working people with capital stewards and the financial complex that manages their assets.

"...A terrific hands-on 'how-to' and 'what it is' book on responsible investment...[it is a] well-written, well-informed and very well-documented book." - James Hawley, Ph.D. Transamerica Professor of Business Policy and Strategy, School of Economics and Business Administration, Saint Mary's College of California

The Responsible Investor Handbook will be published by Greenleaf Publishing in July 2016. Greenleaf Publishing, based in London, was founded in 1992 and is the leading independent publisher of books and journals on sustainable development, corporate responsibility, business ethics and corporate governance.The Handbook has been selected as the next book in the Greenleaf "Responsible Investment Series" edited by Dr. Rory Sullivan. Dr. Sullivan, a highly acclaimed author and responsible investment expert, is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Leeds. Focused on responsible investment and transformative finance, the series is punctuated by the sterling contributions of leading authors in responsible investment and corporate governance from around the world.

Place your pre-order through the Greenleaf Publishing website or by printing the order form.

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