The Responsible Investor Handbook

Our Responsible Investor Handbook, commissioned by the AFL-CIO, is scheduled to be published in July 2016 by Greenleaf Publishing as the fifth book in their responsible investor series. This important tome will educate a new generation on labor's leadership and history in responsible investing over the last century both in the U.S. and abroad. Read an overview of the book available here.

Heartland, the Federation, and Greenleaf share the common goal of getting this book into the hands of every trustee and capital steward. Our friends at CORPaTH have offered a challenge by committing to order 1,000 copies.

Now we need your assistance in our quest to match those 1,000 pre-sale copies of the book.

But we only have 45 days left to buy the book at the tremendous pre-order discount offered by the publisher.

Pre-Order book prices:

1 - 30 books = $26.40 per book (20% discount)

31 - 100 books = $19.80 per book (40% discount)

100+ books = $16.50 per book (50% discount)

After the release, the retail price will be $33 per book.

Pre-Order shipping prices:

10 copies = $28.32

25 copies = $46.04

50 copies = $70.51

100 copies = $129.16

200 copies = $272.00

300 copies = $404.98

400 copies = $563.99

The publisher will be accepting pre-orders up until June 18, 2016.

A pre-order form is available for download.

We welcome new partners and sponsors who align with our mission of investing in the real economy for a positive ESG impact. If you become a sponsor by May 27, we may be able to feature you or your organization in the acknowledgements section of the Handbook!!

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