Heartland Webinar Series

Heartland Capital Strategies is excited to announce our FREE Responsible Investing webinar series kicking off on November 17 with "Tackling Terminology & Busting Myths!" All attendees will receive a free e-book covering the webinar. The e-book is partly derived from our Responsible Investor Handbook (Greenleaf) but presented in user-friendly graphics.

In this first session, the webinar will be moderated by our own Tom Croft who will lend his expertise to the discussion. Steve Sleigh (Sleigh Strategies, LLC, & former Director of the IAM Pension Fund) and Debbie Nisson (former Director, Institutional Sales NE, Ullico, Inc.) will talk about the evolution of responsible investing throughout their careers and share insight into some best practices. Steve and Debbie are part of the Heartland network as co-chairs for the Governing Board.

Heartland's Responsible Investing Webinar Series will run from November 2017 through June 2018 with titles including:

  • Responsible Investing & Labor: A Love Story

  • Waiting for Godot: How to Reclaim our Money Now

  • How to Invest Responsibly: Make Your Statement Stick

  • Corporate Governance: Holding the Boss's Feet to the Fire

  • Traditional & Alternative Classes: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

  • Measuring the Impact of RI: Who Made a Difference? We Did!

This series is based on chapters from our Responsible Investor Handbook which was released and sold globally starting in 2016. The webinars will cover chapters from the book while providing timely updates as RI continues to evolve and gain traction in the U.S.

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