Keith Mestrich, Amalagamated Bank, Presenting Next Heartland Webinar

The next Heartland webinar will be offered on Friday, February 16, 2018. We are thrilled to announce that Keith Mestrich, President and CEO for Amalgamated Bank, has agreed to be a presenter for “Responsible Investing & The Labor Movement: A Love Story.” The session will discuss the history of responsible investing in the United States with labor at its forefront. Labor’s investors have been the fiercest proponents for the “S” in the ESG framework by fighting for worker representation, good wages, and employee health and safety.

Mr. Mestrich is a 25-year veteran of the labor movement with the SEIU, Workers United, UNITE and the AFL-CIO before landing at Amalgamated. He serves on several boards including the Democracy Alliance and The Workers Lab. He was also recently named as one of Washington Life Magazine’s “Power 100” top influencers.

Amalgamated Bank is a progressive institution headquartered in New York City with 14 branches in the metropolitan area. They serve thousands of labor unions, non-profits, foundations and socially responsible businesses committed to making communities stronger, fairer, smarter and safer.

Join us for this unique perspective on the long-lasting love story of responsible investing and labor by registering today.

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