Chicago Summit with The Century Foundation

Michael Frerichs, the Treasurer of Illinois, will kick off the Century Foundation Chicago Summit, the fourth event as part of the Heartland High Wage America initiative.

Treasurer Frerichs' office actively manages approximately $28 billion. While his accomplishments are many, Treasurer Frerichs will focus on reinvesting in productive, good paying jobs in Chicagoland and the state, and will talk about his work on:

  • Human Capital Management issues, which are relevant to manufacturing and all businesses, especially given the need for reporting standards on company workforces and labor practices

  • Supply Chain Management issues are relevant, particularly given the international attention being paid by the UN Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) and global labor groups to protect working people, their families and their communities.

  • Environmental issues are relevant. Manufacturers have to effectively account for risks and opportunities relating to carbon emissions, air quality impacts, water management, and waste and hazardous materials management.

  • The SASB Materiality Map helps identify material sustainability issues on an industry-by-industry basis. This helps identify other issues facing particular companies/sectors.

Please join Treasurer Frerichs and other major regional leaders in what will be the largest Heartland road show to date!


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