Heartland LCS Fellows at Georgetown Participate in Two Informative Brown Bag Lunches, Part of their

The Labor-Capital Summer Fellows participated in their first two Brown Bag Lunches these past three weeks, hosted by Mr. Steve Sleigh, President of Sleigh Strategies, LLC and Co-Chair of the Heartland Governing Board. The Fellowship at Georgetown University (GU) kicked off its second summer with a two-day Orientation at GU on June 4th and 5th, 2018! The Fellowship is managed by a partnership between Heartland Capital Strategies (HCS) and GU’s Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor (KI). The mission of this remarkable initiative is to identify and educate a new generation of capital stewards and responsible investors, and to construct a diverse new talent pipeline to the investment and corporate governance community, or, in other words, “Paying it Forward!"

One Friday, June 8th, the LCS fellows were joined by Thea Lee, President of the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) and Telvin Bryant, intern of the EPI, for the first Luncheon discussion of the program. According to UCLA Poly Sci student Eli Lopez, who was placed with ULLICO’s Real Estate Investment Group, "Thea shared her educational and career background as she spoke about her experience as an undergraduate and graduate economics student, and her work with both the EPI and the AFL-CIO, respectively. Her career focus has centered around creating economic policies that favor labor issues and worker’s rights, as well as other transnational global justice issues. Thea's career advice to the fellows was 'don’t overthink it' and to 'be excited about what you do.’"

On Friday, January 22, our LCS Fellows had the pleasure of meeting with Lori Wood, the Executive Director of the Sheet Metal Workers' National Pension Fund. Having also served important stints at the SEIU National Pension Fund and SEIU, and an interim post at the Children’s Defense Fund, Lori brings a wide range of experience to the Sheet Metals fund. The Fellows were excited to hear about her experiences and better understand the importance of responsibly managing workers’capital assets.

An amazing group of seven fellows from Georgetown, UCLA, Howard, Bryn Mawr and Bates College have joined us this Summer. We are extremely grateful to KPS Capital Partners, Teamsters, Ullico, LIUNA, AFL-CIO HIT, Segal Marco and Amalgamated Bank, who have signed on as sponsors or hosts for the 2018 Fellowship.

And finally, thanks to Thea and Lori for sharing their valuable time with us!

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