Corporate Governance Webinar

The opioid epidemic. Out of control CEO pay. Managers of mining companies who ignore safety warnings, leading to death and injuries. Wage theft and abuse of workers here and around the world in the supply chains that provide our everyday essentials. Firms skirting environmental regulations What the hell can we do about any of this?

Join us Friday, July 20th at Noon to find out!

The Heartland webinar series continues by covering the topic of Corporate Governance. Our speakers include David Webber, author of The Rise of the Working Class Shareholder: Labor's Last Best Weapon and Sarah Lewis, Esq., Senior Lead Researcher, Corporations & Capital Markets, AFL-CIO, who are featured in this week's Expresso.


As with previous webinars, attendees will receive a free copy of the accompanying mini-book containing content from The Responsible Investor Handbook along with updated statistics and topics related to responsible investing.

In Corporate Governance, our speakers will be discussing:

  • What does good corporate governance look like?

  • What does it mean to actively own your investments?

  • How can workers ensure their voice is heard, as both shareholders and stakeholders?

  • How to leverage and steward workers' human capital like other forms of capital invested in a business?

  • Examples of labor/shareholder campaigns that have made the "boss" accountable.


The moderator for this webinar will be David Keto, Managing Principal with SRI Group and member of Heartland's Governing Board. David has had a 30-year career in investments, economic development, and real estate including:

  • COO for NewTower Trust Company

  • Bank trustee and ERISA fiduciary for MEPT

  • COO for the AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust

  • General Counsel & Chief of Staff of the AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust


Sarah Ann Lewis is Senior Lead Researcher for the Corporations and Capital Markets team at the AFL-CIO, where she focuses on shareholder democracy and workers' rights issues in corporate governance. She is an expert in workforce development and student loans, which had been the focus of her work for the AFL-CIO policy department.

Sarah Ann graduated with honors from George Washington University Law School in 2012 and received her BA, summa cum laude, in English and Sociology from the University of Dayton. Sarah Ann was admitted to the Maryland Bar in December 2012. She is a proud member of the Baltimore-Washington Newspaper Guild Local 32035, TNG-CWA, and the DC chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. She has been with the AFL-CIO since 2010. Sarah recently participated in the Heartland Labor Capital Strategies Fellowship orientation. She shared her expansive knowledge on the topics of CEO pay and the AFL-CIO's connection to CII and their role in shareholder proxy campaigns.


David Webber, author of The Rise of the Working Class Shareholder: Labor's Last Best Weapon, published by Harvard University Press, will be one of two fantastic speakers for Heartland fourth free and interactive webinar on Friday, July 20 at Noon. David has published op-eds in the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and Reuters. He has been interviewed by television, radio, and print media including Nightly Business Report, NPR's Marketplace, Bloomberg Radio, The Majority Report with Sam Seder, The David Pakman Show, Knowledge@Wharton Business Radio, CSPAN's Book TV, Agence France-Presse, and others.

Webber has also published scholarly articles including "The Use and Abuse of Labor's Capital in the New York University Law Review and "The Plight of the Individual Investor in Securities Class Actions" in the Northwestern University Law Review. Webber has presented his research at the Harvard Stanford Yale Junior Faculty Forum, the Conference on Empirical Studies, and the American Law and Economics Association conference, among others.

He is the winner of Boston University School of Law's 2017 Michael Melton Award for Teaching Excellence. He is graduate of Columbia and NYU Law School, where he was an editor for the law review.

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