Georgetown Grad Students Unionization

HCS Note: Congratulations to our colleagues at Georgetown for their efforts.

Letter from Dr. Robert Groves, Provost:

Following an election from Nov. 5-8 during which nearly 1,100 graduate student assistants were given the opportunity to vote on whether or not they would like to be represented by a union, we write today to share election results. A majority of students voted in favor of unionization, with a count of 555-108. The American Arbitration Association (AAA), a neutral third party that conducted the election, has reported the election results, but that certification will not be finalized until after a two-week period outlined in the election agreement.

Earlier today, we joined with the Georgetown Alliance of Graduate Employees (GAGE) and American Federation of Teachers (the national union with which GAGE has affiliated) to issue the following statement:

“We have a shared belief in the important role that graduate student assistants play at Georgetown and a shared commitment to giving them a stronger voice as members of our community. We are encouraged that many graduate student assistants made their voices heard. We look forward to working together to continue efforts to improve the graduate student experience at Georgetown.”

We appreciate the participation of all voters who cast ballots in the election. Per the election agreement signed by both parties, the AAA’s certification of the results of the election will be finalized after a 14-day period during which either party can file objections. If the certification is finalized, the union will represent students enrolled in Georgetown University graduate degree programs (Ph.D. and Master’s) who also hold service titles as Ph.D. Research Assistants, Ph.D. Teaching Assistants, Ph.D. Teaching Associates, Graduate Research Assistants, Graduate Teaching Assistants, Student Research Assistants, and Student Teaching Assistants. This includes those in graduate programs in Georgetown College, the School of Foreign Service, the McCourt School of Public Policy, the Medical Center (except for M.D. students), the McDonough School of Business, and the School of Continuing Studies.

When AAA’s certification is finalized, we will assemble the appropriate team to work in good faith with GAGE/AFT to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement.

Read more about their efforts at Georgetown Grad Union.

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