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The Heartland Labor Capital Fellowship at Georgetown University is currently accepting applications for the 2019 Summer program. Rather than tell you how WE feel about the program, we'll let our alumni do the talking:

Annina Beltrano, 2017

AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust

Hi all, I wanted to reach out to share some exciting news and, most importantly, express my gratitude. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the 2017 Heartland-GU Labor Capital Fellows, which was an incredibly formative experience. Through the fellowship, I had the opportunity to better

understand the current political climate and the challenges that we, as a nation, face. I was exposed to so many different opportunities and some very exceptional individuals. One thing, however, that I did not anticipate was finding interest in finance, especially in the nation’s capital. I gained so much knowledge about the Financial Services industry through our day trip to New York, especially having the chance to see the NY Federal Reserve. Nevertheless, I find myself now, a year and a half later, with a full-time opportunity at J.P. Morgan in Chicago. I will be starting in the Fall of 2019 as a Private Bank Analyst.

I am forever grateful to this fellowship because without it, I truly would have never had the opportunity to explore Finance. Also, a special thanks to Dawn M. Carpenter for all of the help throughout the recruiting and interview process. I am forever indebted to this fellowship. I look forward to visiting D.C. soon!

Hannah Lynch, 2018


As LIUNA and the Labor Capital Strategies Fellowship have taught me, worker

capital can truly be reclaimed in the economy through responsible investments. Along with these economically targeted investments that bring about social good (rather than investment returns alone), shareholder activism can be used to hold affiliate investors and other stakeholders accountable for their actions. Most inspirationally for me, though, is the overarching theme of collective action that fuels the fires behind union campaigns. Even before Hillary’s presidential campaign coined the phrase, “Stronger Together,” union organizers breathed this ideology that true activism draws on the power of the people rather than the privileged few. So whether in a grassroots campaign to organize workers or in a formal lawsuit against an abusive contractor, my experience in LIUNA’s corporate affairs department has invigorated my confidence in the power of coalitions over corporate interests in capitalism.

Zeke Guiterrez, 2018


Interning at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters offered me a

valuable experience in the realm of capital strategies and investments. Through the Labor Capital Strategies Fellowship, I’ve seen how shareholders work towards capital interests, but also for the interests of laborers. Whether it is doing research on the companies we have shares with or meeting with board of directors and circulating our concerns, there is constant communication. Through our interactions we ensure workers are treated well and companies have a sustainable business model. Therefore, shareholders who hold the companies accountable enact beneficial policy changes.

Ely Lopez, 2018


This experience has been beneficial and helpful for me as I build my own unique professional narrative in the commercial real estate industry. Before coming to Washington DC as a Labor Capital Fellow, I have had experience in real estate affordable housing, real estate development, real estate asset

management for a real estate investment manager and private equity firm, and now a commercial real estate lending arm of a union life insurance company. I have been able to put together a series of internships that have been something of a rotational program of my very own that has allowed me to gain exposure to various fields of the industry as I narrow my career search as I head into my senior year of college. This program has now given me exposure and knowledge into the working world of unions, pension funds, investment advisory consultants, and private equity firms, among others. I have gained invaluable experience, knowledge and relationships through this program and I am excited to move forward with my newfound knowledge into the working world as I try to use my new insight to benefit others and give back to my community by being a positive role. I want to thank the Georgetown University’s Kalmanovitz Initiative and Heartland Capital Strategies for giving me the opportunity to come into your program and learn about labor capital and finance within the labor movement.

Matt Maury, 2018

Segal Marco

I am grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained in this internship, and for the chance it gave me to apply my skillset in the real world. My goal is to eventually be an academic economist, but this internship will help me moving forward in several respects. First, it gives me firsthand experience in the

financial industry. I believe that it’s crucial to have direct experience with something one conducts research on, and so this internship helps me immensely here. Second, this internship bolstered my critical reading and technical writing skills- two capacities integral to almost every professional endeavor. Third, this internship has opened my eyes to the world of the financial industry- an important field that I would have interest working in were my career goal to change. Lastly, Segal has shown me how financial firms can both make money and do good. I have immense solidarity with poor and working people, and would not be happy in a career that either in no way helped them, or (far worse) actively hurt them. Segal (Marco) has demonstrated how a company can actually work for their betterment: by managing and ensuring their future income source.

If you know of a student who could benefit from the Labor Capital Strategies Fellowship, refer them to our online application. Final deadline is February 1, 2019.

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