From the PRI: Act Now to Preserve Activists' Voices

In 2019 alone, our research found over 80 policy reforms that require or

encourage responsible investment. In the past month we have seen stewardship codes proposed or revised in India and Japan. We expect these trends to continue in 2020.

While it's two steps forwards in many markets, it's one step backwards in the US. Of particular concern to the PRI are policy proposals by the SEC on shareholder ownership and re-submission thresholds. At the time of writing, 143 PRI signatories have signed our statement opposing the proposals. The deadline is Friday - if your firm hasn't signed, we'd encourage you to do so. If this notice was forwarded to you subscribe here. To provide feedback on our work or suggest new policy areas of focus, please contact us. Will Martindale Director of Policy and Research

Sign letter to SEC opposing proxy changes

The PRI encourages signatories to sign our letter to the SEC, opposing proposed changes to ownership and re-submission thresholds, as well as regulations around proxy advisory firms. Signatories can add their names until January 31 by emailing Colleen Orr.

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