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For three decades, responsible housing investment groups have been making alternative pension investments targeted toward affordable housing. This was expanded to include workforce & multi-family housing and important commercial developments. Since the 1980s, responsible private equity and venture capital groups have been utilizing institutional investments to invest in technology, advanced manufacturing and other key industries.


HCS spotlights ideas and developments that set the stage for a “third wave” of responsible pension investments— in at-scale renewable energy, efficient transportation, green construction, green energy finance and infrastructure.  The third wave also builds bridges to communities & the public sector. This creates economic development, training and social service alliances. Wherever possible, it also secures appropriate guarantees and incentives from the public sector to account for increased risk when that occurs. 


HCS will design new paradigms for pension and institutional investors and secure commitments from progressive, worker-friendly investors and policy leaders to help solve the considerable challenges in the years ahead. The works highlighted here reflect these efforts.

Presentation at PRI Western North American Network

Investing in a Just Transition

By Thomas Croft

A report commissioned by the Global Unions Committee on Workers' Capital (CWC); International Trade union Confederation (ITUC):

Helping Workers' Capital Work Harder: A Report on Global Economically Targeted Investments [ETIs] (2009)

By Thomas Croft


A project of American Rights at Work Education Fund:

Creating Good Jobs for Our Communities: Pension Dollars at Work (March 2011)

By Michael Wasser

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