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Heartland Team


Thomas Croft is the Managing Director of Heartland Capital Strategies (HCS) and Executive Director of the Steel Valley Authority (SVA).  His previous works include Up from Wall Street: The Responsible Alternative. (Cosimo Books, 2009). Forward by Richard Trumka; “Targeted Responsible Investments,” a chapter in The Next Generation of Responsible Investing, Edited by Tessa Hebb. (2011, Springer Publishing); “Helping Workers’ Capital Work Harder: A Report on Global Economically Targeted Investments (ETIs).” (2009). A Report Commissioned by the Global Unions Committee on Workers’ Capital (CWC), International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC); “Collaboration Between Labor, Academics and Community Activists to Advance Labor/Capital Strategies.”  A Chapter in Money on the Line: Workers’ Capital in Canada.  (2003, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives). Isla Carmichael and Jack Quarter, Editors. Heartland previously commissioned Working Capital: The Power of Labor’s Capital (2001, Cornell University), edited by Tessa Hebb, et al. Forward by Leo Gerard.  And Croft has authored numerous articles.


Kristen Estell provides support to the Heartland team as the Outreach Specialist. In addition to research and writing, Kristen brings experience from labor and nonprofits to her work with HCS and the Fellowship. 

Carrie Mihalko

Carrie Mihalko is part of the Heartland team providing marketing, public relations and general communications support. With over 20 years experience in higher education and non-profits, she contributes a unique viewpoint on outreach to audiences, board development, fundraising, and event planning.

Heartland Governing Board - Members

Brian Hale

Senior Vice President & COO


Ron Auer


David Blitzstein


Blitzstein Consulting

Ted Chandler

Chief Operating Officer


Tom Conway

International President


Michael Ibarra

Vice President

American Realty Advisors

David Keto

Managing Principal

SRI Group

Michael Musuraca

Managing Director

Blue Wolf Capital Management

Deborah Nisson, CRE


Representing Ullico

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Dan Pedrotty

Director, Capital Strategies

North America's Building Trades Unions

David Pollak

Director of Capital Partnering

Reverence Capital Partners

Michael Psaros

Managing Principal

KPS Special Situations

Brandon Rees

Deputy Director, Office of Investment


Robert Samuel

Individual Sponsor

Affiliated with American Realty


Rob Sauermann


Steve Sleigh


Sleigh Strategy, LLC

Mike Stewart

Stellex Capital Management

David Wilhelm

Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

Hecate Energy

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Heartland Governing Board - Adjunct Members

Chris Chafe


Growth Squared

Tyler Gellasch


Myrtle Makena

Annie Malhotra

Strategic Research Director

Heartland Capital Strategies


Monica Parikh

Vice President

Capital One

Sarah Stettinius

Managing Director

Landon Butler

Rob Witherell



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