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Below we provide a sample of responsible investment belief statements, policies, responsible contrator policites, proxy voting guidelines fund governance and investment implementation guidance, and responsible investment frameworks for readers' reference. Note that these policies and frameworks vary greatly in scope and enforcement; however, they are intended to give trustees and interested parties an idea of how to incorporate responsible investment goals in the management and investment of pension fund assets.

Responsible Investment Beliefs Statements
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RI Policy - ESG Policy - Responsible IPS
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Responsible Contractor Policies
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Proxy Voting Guidelines
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Fund Governance & Responsible Investment Implementation Guidance

How to Contruct an IPS

The Investment Policy Statement as a Logical Framework (Version: 2-28-2014) Jack Lavin Aegean Investment and Pension Consulting

How to Develop an Investment Beliefs Statement

How to Establish Strong Fund Governance Structures

Claire woods & Roger Urwin. Putting Sustainable Investing into Practice: A Governance Framework for Pension Funds (2010) OECD, Pension Fund Governance: Challenges and Potential Solutions (2009) Gordon L. Clark and Roger Urwin, Best Practice Investment Management (2007)

Implementation Support Across Asset Classes

Sample ESG-related Questions for RFPs

Appendix C, 21st Century Investors

Sample Human-Capital Management related questions to ask of companies

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Responsible Investment Frameworks
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