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Biden to tap former AFL-CIO trade official to lead Labor Department division: report

President Biden is planning to appoint a former AFL-CIO trade official to lead the Labor Department's internal affairs division.

Mychael Schnell, MSN News

Biden is expected to select Thea Lee as deputy undersecretary for international labor affairs, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday, citing two sources familiar with the appointment.

Lee previously served as president of the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a left-leaning think tank that frequently critiques free trade policies, the Journal reported.

She departed from her role at the EPI on Friday In a farewell letter dated April 22, Lee said she "accepted a job in the Biden/Harris administration," adding "details to come!"

Lee, in her new role, will supervise the department that probes labor rights, forced labor and global child trafficking, according to the Journal.

Additionally, Lee's new post will give her a hand in imposing the labor rights provisions of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, the trade deal negotiated under the Trump administration to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Journal noted.

Lee worked at the AFL-CIO for 20 years, eventually becoming deputy chief of staff. She began her tenure as president of the EPI in January 2018.

The Hill reached out to The Labor Department for comment.

Read the original article here.

(Thea Lee and Heartland Co-Chair, Steve Sleigh lead a discussion at a Labor Capital Strategies Fellowship "brown bag" educational lunch.)


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