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'Empowering Smart Cities' Book Redefines Urban Development Through Public Private Partnerships

Note from Heartland: Our Managing Director, Thomas Croft, contributed a chapter to this book. Congrats to Tom!

"Empowering Smart Cities through Community-Centred Public Private Partnerships and Innovations" presents eight case studies from around the world that demonstrate unique forms of collaboration between local governments, businesses, start-ups, academia, and citizens.

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / May 7, 2024 / The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation (Partnership) is proud to announce the release of a new book, "Empowering Smart Cities through Community-Centred Public Private Partnerships and Innovations," co-edited by Founding Executive Director Debra Lam and Andrea Fernández, Managing Director at C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.

Empowering Smart Cities Through Community-Centred Public Private Partnerships and Innovations

Today, cities are facing unprecedented challenges ranging from climate change and the digital divide to social injustice and inequality. "Empowering Smart Cities" offers a unique approach to addressing these challenges through the concept of Community-Centred Public Private Partnerships (CP3). This book is a comprehensive guide for policymakers and stakeholders seeking actionable solutions to urban issues.

At the core of the book are eight case studies showcasing CP3 models from around the world. These partnerships go beyond traditional public-private collaborations by fostering inclusive relationships and leveraging resources to empower communities. By sharing risk and responsibility among diverse stakeholders, including government authorities, researchers, business leaders, policymakers, and local citizens, CP3s enable cities to tackle complex urban challenges while working towards the greater public good.

The Partnership is an example of this new era of long-term Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). Founded on the principles of widespread economic opportunity, the Partnership embodies the potential of sustained cooperation between public and private entities. As cities worldwide grapple with increasingly complex urban challenges, the Partnership serves as a testament to the effectiveness of forging enduring alliances to address the most pressing issues of our time.

"We believe that the future of cities lies in collaborative efforts that prioritize the needs and aspirations of local communities," says Debra Lam. "This book serves as a roadmap for building resilient, inclusive, and innovative cities that can thrive in the face of adversity."

"The case studies we showcase highlight what can be achieved when cities set a strong vision and work in partnership with academia, the private sector and communities to deliver their goals," added Andrea Fernández.

To attend the authors' book launch webinar to be held on June 5, 2024, at 11 a.m. ET, register here:

About the Editors: Debra Lam is the Founding Executive Director of the Partnership for Inclusive Innovation and leads smart communities and urban innovation work at the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. Andrea Fernández is Managing Director at C40 Cities overseeing climate finance, research and knowledge, and global partnerships.

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