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Economically Targeted Investments (ETI) Summit

An Action Agenda for Affordable Housing, Construction Careers, and Public and Union Pension Investments.

Join the AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust for an Economically Targeted Investments (ETI) Summit. Learn how public and union pension funds are financing the reconstruction of key developments such as Old Colony, Mildred Hailey, and Whittier Street and beyond to create more affordable housing, family-sustaining union careers, and a vibrant foundation for communities to thrive.

Elected officials, pension fund investors, labor leaders, and affordable housing and workforce development experts will discuss how union pension funds and public investments are the catalysts for affordable housing and equitable development at scale in Boston, and their importance to meeting the housing and job creation challenges facing Boston and the Commonwealth.


1:00 - 4:15 P.M.

Reception to Follow

Local 103 IBEW

256 Freeport Street

Dorchester, MA


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