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Heartland Partners Tackle the Housing Crisis

This week, our Housing and Real Estate Bulletin, features:

  • Union investments in affordable workforce housing, AFL-CIO ITC/BIT breaking ground in Maui--a project to be built and maintained by union workers - READ ARTICLE

  • Ullico investing in rebuilding the Warehouse District of Minneapolis - READ ARTICLE

  • GCM Grosvenor helping convert out-of-reach Los Los Angeles properties to affordable housing - READ ARTICLE

Finally, we're sharing an article approaching a question coming up more and more: how will cities prosper when workers aren't commuting to their down towns? - READ ARTICLE

We are setting up a schedule of topics we'll cover each second issue of the month (while still covering breaking news and relevant issues that matter to our Heartland family in the first Expresso of each month). And if there is a lot going on, keep an eye out for our DoubleShot newsletters--which are reserved for when we need something brief and targeted.

We also want to solicit your contributions!

We have long known that our most popular issues of the Expresso are ones where we're sharing our Heartland family news--from our Heartland members! Our deadline will be two weeks before each second Expresso of the month. By coincidence, this deadline is the same as when I send out the first Expresso! I'll include reminders. And as every teacher has said a million times....don't make me start calling on people!

Next month, we'll feature Seth Almaliah, Senior Vice President at Segal Marco and their corporate governance report. See our 6-month schedule below for topics where you might want to contribute ....then reach out to us for more information.

February: RE: Housing/Real Estate

March: Corporate governance and more

April: Infra: Infrastructure and Real Assets

May: PE: Productive Economy (manufacturing, commercial enterprises, etc.)

June: Growing Labor’s Capital (in general)


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