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Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

When history looks back on this period, we'll all remember the myriad challenges and hardships that so many of us are going through and will go through in the weeks ahead - but we'll also remember something else: the selflessness, heroism, and courage of our frontline healthcare workers. Every morning, physicians, nurses, homecare aids, first-responders, and many others wake up and risk their own life to save another.

Because of them, more of us are safe and healthy.

At Blue Wolf, our healthcare portfolio companies employ over 40,000 healthcare workers nationwide, many of whom are on the front-lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. We're proud of the teams at StateServ Holdings, Fox Rehabilitation, ClearSky Health LLC, RHA Health Services, and Modern MD, for all that they're doing right now. We're also proud of the team at Elara Caring - a national home healthcare business with operations in 16 states - which this month announced that it is the first in the home healthcare space to offer telehealth services to skilled home health and hospice patients.

This is a big deal

The program demonstrates not only the commitment of Elara's caretakers to providing continuous quality care to their patients, even through a pandemic, but how to solve problems in a tough situation. Not surprisingly, the coronavirus has sparked a lot of fear among patients, especially those whose well-being is dependent on the personal, compassionate services they've come to know through Elara Caring. Now, these patients can receive the same care while minimizing their risk of exposure to COVID-19.

What Elara Caring is doing is emblematic of the many vital, creative, and unsung initiatives we’ve seen providers across our portfolio undertake to respond to this crisis. We’re proud of their extraordinary work.

To learn more, check out this excellent profile in Home Health Care News on the effort.

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