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Amalgamated Financial Appoints Brown President and CEO

May 11, 2021

Dear Colleagues:

It is my privilege and honor to share that the Board of Directors has appointed Priscilla Brown as Amalgamated’s next President and Chief Executive Officer. Priscilla is internationally recognized as a dynamic and inspirational leader in the financial services industry. She brings invaluable experience leading new and merged business lines within complex organizations, improving client experience, and attracting and developing talent. Equally important, she is mission-aligned with values that reflect those of Amalgamated, including passion for equity and inclusion.

As we start to turn the corner on the pandemic and more clearly look to the future, Priscilla is stepping into leadership at just the right time. When she assumes the role officially on June 1st, she will immerse herself in our culture, taking time to meet with every team while providing a fresh look at our strategy and growth potential.

You will quickly learn that her extensive background spanning banking, wealth management, retirement, and insurance uniquely position Priscilla to lead the next horizon of our growth strategy. Most recently, Priscilla served as the General Executive for Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Commonwealth Bank, Australia’s largest bank. Through her direction, Commonwealth elevated its brand and reputation among stakeholders and greatly enhanced its value proposition to customers. She is a highly regarded, multi-national board director and C-suite executive who has also held senior roles at AXA, Sun Life Financial and Lincoln Financial Group.

What connected the Board and Priscilla throughout this process has been the mutual enthusiasm for our mission. Thousands of forward-thinking companies, organizations, unions, and individuals choose to bank with Amalgamated because we not only share and support their financial goals, but because we support their missions and values. Bringing her 30 years of experience to our team, we will be well positioned to accelerate our growth strategy, expanding our ability to further economic, social, racial, and environmental justice.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your incredible support and hard work over the past few months. It has been a pleasure to lead Amalgamated as interim CEO, and I’ve appreciated getting to know many of you personally. I look forward to continuing my duties as Chair of the Board and working closely with Priscilla as we develop and implement our strategy.

With gratitude,


Lynne Fox

Chair, Amalgamated Bank Board of Directors


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