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Hamilton Lane Goes "All In" 2022 DEI Report

Megan Milne, Principal Client Solutions, is Hamilton Lane's representative to Heartland's Governing Board

As well as being a Labor Capital Strategies Fellowship Host, Hamilton Lane participates in five DEI partnerships: Stepping Stone Partners, Girls Who Invest, #10000 Black Interns, Gain UK, and Seizing Every Opportunity.

In their 2022 report, Hamilton Lane announced they're "turning up the volume" in their efforts to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. DEI is core to achieving their mission “To Enrich Lives and Safeguard Futures.”

The 2022 report measures to what extent they have been able to achieve their goal to "create a truly inclusive culture transcends gender and ethnicity." They want to bring everyone's "unique talents and perspectives to the table."

Read more here about their mission to foster an environment where every voice is not only heard, but amplified. Read the full report here.


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