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Heartland's 2022 Impact Report: A Look Back at our Campaigns, Wins, and New Beginnings

The Heartland Capital Network was co-founded in 1995 by Leo Gerard of the Steelworkers and the late, great Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO to rebuild America by sustainably investing workers’ capital in a way that values and supports working families. You’ll see, in our 2022 Impact Report, our accomplishments we racked up in the past year-- even though 2022 was another tough year for working families and their communities.

We’re thrilled to report that in the past two years, many of our long-fought public policy measures came to fruition, winning major new national economic policy changes. America has, finally, come to realize the importance of a sustainable industrial and finance policy – saving and re-tooling critical factories and committing to a productive, clean economy, and responsibly stewarding our retirement and anchor institutional assets.

But Heartland's original mission—Investing to re-employ union workers—remains true blue. We want to celebrate this exciting growth with you, and we are proud of the impactful investments that our Heartland Network Partners made happen during 2022 and the last three difficult years, focused on rebuilding cities, renewing industries, and growing the clean economy. That’s re- shaping the future! Responsibly!


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