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Inflation Reduction Act Benefits: Good Paying Jobs And Revitalized U.S.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2022


Deputy Director of Communications

The Inflation Reduction Act is not just historic climate policy, its historic jobs policy, capable of creating an estimated 9 million jobs over the next ten years according to the Blue Green Alliance. But what kind of jobs will they be?

For the very first time, Congress is using clean energy tax incentives to not only make more jobs, but ensure these jobs meet high labor standards and provide a just transition for fossil fuel workers. This legislation also marks the country’s most significant investment in clean manufacturing—leveraging tax dollars to grow 21st clean energy jobs in the U.S.

The U.S. is finally acting to solve the climate crisis by passing the IRA. But the law is not just about slashing harmful emissions, it’s also designed to create communities where working families can thrive. [READ MORE]


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