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NEPC Publishes 1st Annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Progress Report... a Push for Radical Transparency and Accountability in Investment Industry

April 13, 2021


NEPC, a leading research-driven investment consultant with $1.3 trillion in AUM, today published its 1st Annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Progress Report in a push for radical transparency and accountability in the investment industry.

Samuel M. Austin III NEPC Partner
Samuel M. Austin III NEPC Partner

The first comprehensive DEI report of its kind from an investment consultant, the 42-page report delivers on a 2019 commitment to measure quantitative and qualitative progress toward publicly-stated DEI goals on expanding engagements with diverse-owned and diverse-led investment managers and increasing diversity and championing a culture of equity and inclusion among NEPC employees, leaders and owners.

“You cannot manage what you don’t measure,” said Sam Austin, Partner, Executive Committee Member and Manager of NEPC’s Western U.S. Public Funds Consulting Team. Austin has spearheaded the firm’s DEI efforts since joining in 2017 and is currently Chair of NEPC’s Diversity and Inclusion Board.

“We hold ourselves accountable to specific goals for diversity, equity and inclusion in the same way we manage our progress toward any other important strategic objective,” Austin said. “Progress does not always occur in a straight line, so quantitative data may differ from year to year. But we will always be transparent in reporting on whether we are making meaningful improvement over time.”Read more here.


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