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Updates on some of our Labor Capital Strategies Fellows

I was a member of the 2019 Heartland Fellowship. I had a great experience during the fellowship and I would certainly recommend it to any and all students. As far as recent news on my end, I have graduated college and have actually rejoined the company in which the Heartland Fellowship placed me with in 2019, Hamilton Lane. I began a second internship this past June which is currently set to last until January as I continue to seek a permanent opportunity (Possibly at Hamilton Lane). I can't thank the fellowship program enough for connecting me with such a great company while also giving me such an enjoyable and educational experience through the fellowship events. -- Sean Mckee Class of 2019

I was a member of the first cohort of Heartland Capital Strategy fellows. After graduating from Georgetown University in 2018, I worked as a labor and employment paralegal in New York City. I just left my paralegal position this week after two years to take a gap year to travel (COVID-safely, of course!) and apply for law school. I'm hoping to pursue a career in labor law. -- Casey Doyle class of 2017

My internship with Meketa Investment Group was rewarding both personally and professionally. I worked with a kind and supportive team that made my time working from home a little less lonely. Additionally, I feel like I improved my financial literacy and the soft skills crucial to working with a company like Meketa. I appreciated that they were invested in my growth as evidenced by assigning me a mentor and putting in place many orientation training sessions to expose me to different areas of the firm.

The project that I worked on for most of the summer was designing a fossil fuel divestment approach for the NYC Office of the Comptroller. This assignment was particularly special for me because I am an environmental activist and am interested in learning about the intersectionality of finance and climate.

Currently, I have returned to Tufts for my junior year and continue to intern with Meketa part time. With the divestment project still ongoing, I have continued my contributions to it.-- Max Goldfarb


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