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Welcome Labor Capital Strategies Fall 2021 Fellows!

Kristen Estell, Heartland Capital Strategies

The Labor Capital Strategies Fellowship is embarking on its first Fall semester session as we recently became a year-round Fellowship experience. On behalf of the Heartland Capital Strategies and the Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor at Georgetown University, I thank the Heartland family for your tremendous and continued support of our program. With your help we just completed our full-time Summer session with 12 Fellows and Hosts. We are welcoming several new Hosts for the part-time Fall program including: Healthy Markets Associates, Alan Biller and Associates and American Solar Partners. We warmly welcome these new Hosts while we're appreciating the return of AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust which has repeatedly provided a dynamic and educational experience for our Fellows. A special thank you to CORPaTH for their continuing support of the program and their generous donation of copies of The Responsible Investor's Handbook for each of the Fellows.

As a reminder, the mission of this program is to: "identify and educate a new generation of capital stewards and responsible investors, and to construct a new, diverse talent pipeline." Our Fellows are diverse in their geographic, educational, and experiential backgrounds. They aim to achieve a diverse range of goals post-degree, however they are all looking to make a positive impact on the finance and capital strategy world.

Please read about our new fellows below, and see the new faces that are joining the Heartland family. Keep up with these Fellows and our past participants by joining our LCS Fellowship LinkedIn page.


Host: American Solar Partners

Fellow: Mauricio R Darcourt (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Mauricio Darcourt is a sophomore majoring in business analytics at MIT. He wanted to have a more hands on work experience this semester so he joined the program. Mauricio has worked in various fields from interning at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural in Cultural Anthropology to working on designing a Long Covid outreach initiative over the summer. He is excited to try out different areas and have a diverse working experience to eventually figure out what he's passionate about. Currently he is looking more so into developmental economics, finance, data, and sustainability. Overall though, his goal is to find an area that is high impact, purposeful, and for those in need.


Host: AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust

Fellow: Jackson Edwards (Georgetown University)

Jackson Edwards is a junior majoring in Government at Georgetown University. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Jackson’s interest in Government stems from his lived experience: climate change-induced hurricanes devastating his city, active shooters forcing school lockdowns, a mismanaged pandemic uprooting his normal lifestyle. Hoping to be a catalyst for progressive change, Jackson decided to take a

semester off of school to organize his hometown of Houston, Texas for the Biden-Harris ticket—and then worked on the proceeding Georgia Senate runoffs. On both campaigns, Jackson joined a union, which piqued his interest in learning more about labor issues. In his free time, Jackson enjoys playing tennis, poker, chess, and traveling.


Host: Alan Biller and Associates

Fellow: Sofia Chen Ma (Georgetown University)

Sofia Chen Ma is a junior at Georgetown University, where she is pursuing a major in finance and a minor in computer science. On-campus, Sofia serves as a board member for the Georgetown Scholars Program, which provides resources and community to first-generation and/or low-income students. She has also worked as a student analyst for the Beeck Center and is passionate about leading projects with a social impact mission. Outside of Georgetown, she enjoys finding food hubs and rooting for her favorite sports teams. Sofia is excited to join Alan Biller and Associates as part of the Fall 2021 Labor Capital Strategies fellowship. In the future, she hopes to pursue opportunities in private equity that advance impact investing and ESG initiatives.


Host: Healthy Markets Associates

Fellow: Percy Metcalf (Georgetown University)

Percy is a dual degree candidate at both the Georgetown School of Foreign Service and the Georgetown University Law Center, completing a master's in Eurasian, Russian and Eastern European affairs in addition to a J.D.. Percy's interest in labor originated in Poland while on a Fulbright research award to study the cultural bases for the U.S.-Polish relationship, which he undertook after first gaining his undergraduate degree in international affairs with a major in Culture and Politics. Poland's triumph over its own authoritarian dictatorship by means of the Solidarity trade union inspired an admiration for organized labor that has persisted since his return to the United States, and which he hopes to turn into a career in the international labor space. Percy has held a number of internships, including, most recently, a position at Global Labor Justice-International Labor Rights Forum, a non-profit that supports unions and organizers around the world.


Host: Heartland Capital Strategies

Fellow: Constance Tyne (Brown University)

Constance is a graduate student at Brown University studying Public Affairs at the Watson Institute. Prior to Brown, she completed her bachelor’s degree in economics

and English at Gordon college, where she discovered her passion for sustainable and economic development in her internships with NGOs and by working as a research

assistant on a project for World Bank exploring the effects of market information systems in Cote D’Ivoire. Following her graduate education, Constance plans to pursue a career in economic consulting.


Host: American Solar Partners

Fellow: William Macnab Allen (University of Pittsburgh)

Will is an undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh where he is double majoring in political science and communications/rhetoric, while pursuing a certificate in Russian/Eastern European Studies. This past summer, he worked on several analysis projects while interning for the New York Electrical Contractors Association (NYECA) in Manhattan, NY; researching through NY legislative data to find and recognize “true NYECA allies” within the state legislature, and analyzing data consisting of job bids between union and non-union contractors, all of which is being used to increase union market share in New York City. Will loves being with friends and family and has a passion for volunteering as he has gone on two service trips to Costa Rica and Fiji. As a native New Yorker, he plans to establish his future career in New York City. He is excited to start his fellowship with American Solar Partners this fall.


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