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Who is using workers' capital to build a better future? (And who isn't?)

If you know Heartland, you have a good idea of who we think should have a say in how workers' capital is invested--workers! Unfortunately, when a worker, or the average person, tries to find out how their funds are being used, they discover that the world of investing, pension funds, 401ks, even the American economy, is clear as mud. But every now and again, we get a peek behind the curtain. If you have been paying attention lately, you’ve been seeing demonstrations of our leaders’ (entirely opposite) motives laid bare.

President Biden, in his 2023 State of the Union address, told us he wanted to "finish the job" of creating good paying jobs, reinvesting in manufacturing, and “building America back better.” This vision recognizes the "green economy" for the economic boon it is, and not the boogieman certain politicians portray it as. But those elected officials are busy too, endangering nothing less than this country’s’ future as they try to turn back the clock.

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